My Inspiration for My Blog

So I started this blog because I had to for school. It was a requirement to create a blog for one of my classes. Naturally, I complied.

At first, I decided that I would not use my name on the site and keep my identity private. I especially did not want to post any pictures of myself on the blog. I wanted people to recognize my thoughts and feelings without the context of knowing my identify.

However, towards the end of the semester, I realized that was pretty hard to do. For one, I inadvertently used my first name in one specific blog post.

It also became hard to blog about anything important to me while refusing  to share any part of my identity.

So now that my class is over, I  have decided to keep blogging.


You see… I feel incredibly disconnected. Over the past week, I thought I was going to connect with friends that I hadn’t seen in a while.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked out that way. So because I have what feels like an endless amount of free time, I decided to reactivate my social media presence.

I can only watch so much Netflix!

I have spent limited time on social media the past couple of years.

For me personally, I first decided to limit my social media usage after I became increasingly agitated, and even jealous at other’s peoples lives they displayed on social media.

When it comes to social media, even my 23 year old brother has become concerned with what he posts online.

On occasion he has asked me things such as “Is this a good picture.. do you think I am going to get likes on this?”

I have realized though, that social media is not all bad.

Social media posts only show tiny glimpses into peoples lives; NOT the whole picture. 

I know personally, that many photos that I have posted online are completely out of context.

Below is the last picture posted on one of my social media accounts from August 2016:


As an outsider looking in, my friend and I look very happy.

The real story behind this photo is different than what it shows. Yes, I look tan; my makeup and hair is done. Yes, I was laughing.

However, for the majority of the day (until I started to get ready to go out), my face was literally the same color as my bright red t shirt. I was NOT having it.

On this particular summer day, I had been crying for most of the day. (Trust me, I remember exactly what set me off)!

Looking back, I was just being way too sensitive.

My point is, you can not see any of the moments before or after the photo was taken.

The picture that ended up on social media was definitely one of my better moments of the day.

Remember that posts on social media are just tiny snapshots in time!!!

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