Different is Beautiful

As you look at this picture, you may wonder who’s who.

Growing up, I think I recognized how boring the world would be if people were all the same.

You see, as a triplet, I was constantly compared to my siblings.

Especially as an adolescent, many people would ask me, don’t you love having a “twin”?

In my case, the answer was not really. I liked having siblings. However, I did not like having siblings that people assumed I was supposed to be exactly alike!

Especially as a child, I never liked when people forgot that I was more than just a triplet.

My siblings and I all have our own individual identity!

Which brings me to my point of this post—

Just take a second and try to imagine a world where everyone looked the same, talked the same, walked the same…etc !

That would be very scary.

Therefore, it is important that we recognize each individual’s unique qualities and celebrate them! 

This point is driven home in the new movie, Wonder. Wonder is based on the best selling novel by Raquel J. Palacio. The movie shares the story of a young boy with Treacher Collins syndrome.

Have yet to see it, but it’s getting great reviews !

Watch the trailer here!


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