Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Not sure where the time has gone, but it is October!

I have just finished my first exams and am starting to feel the stress of the semester.

Now that we are at that point in the semester, I have to constantly remind myself to stay calm.

Last week, I forgot the importance of that. I completely panicked and became extremely down when I found out I got a 77% on my stats exam.

I was so upset because I felt extremely confident when I finished my exam.

Unfortunately, after I received my grade, I completely shut down and could barely get myself to do any work over the weekend.

The ironic part was when I received my test back on Monday; I realized the teacher miscalculated my grade. I actually earned a much better grade.

Honestly, I am happy it happened because it served as a reminder that I need to STAY CALM and stop stressing the little things!

Definitely need to put things into perspective and realize how blessed I am. Every day is a fresh start.

So for now, I am hoping that I can start to relax and start to enjoy this beautiful fall weather. Although, part of me still wishes it was summer!

Below is me coaching the littles sailing this past summer at my favorite place!


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